Timing of a new L4T release with kernel 4.4 for the TX1

What is the timing of a new L4T release including updated kernel for the TX1?
The current version (3.10) is old with several kernel defects that are fixed in future releases.
The TX2 has a release of version 4.4 which has many defects fixed (especially in WiFi modules).
Is there a preview release of kernel version 4.4 that can be run on a TX1?

Nobody has released a date yet, but all of the hints have suggested “soon”. “For real” soon…not Metric soon, not American soon, not Geek soon…but “Real soon”. Besides drinking a lot of coffee I recovered a dead home partition I had thought was gone forever, so you can tell I’m happy :P

Lets hope it isn’t “soon” as in “Duke Nukem Forever soon”.

Has anyone tried using the 4.4 TX2 kernel with a TX1?
Perhaps it will work if a TX1 device tree is used.

The device tree is tied to the drivers. If either have a view of the hardware from a different perspective it won’t work. There’s a lot of similarity in hardware between a TX1 and TX2, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable that someone knowing details could make the TX1 work with a modified TX2 kernel…but that’s still a lot of effort.

Btw, Duke Nukem quotes are hilarious :)

Hi atmurray,

The JetPack 3.1 provides the K4.4 support for TX1 now, see the information from link below: