Tiny anti aliasing issues with Real-time renderer

I am having tiny aliasing issues with this asset:

See, the poster´s edges are flickering:

The Real-time AA Sharpness settings did not made any difference, I think default value 0.5 was the best.

rendering to 3000 pix width and then downscaling in premiere made it a bit better… I would not call this a solution anyhow :P

Hi pekka,

highly detailed textures such as this one can cause aliasing artefacts when undersampled (especially in Real-Time mode). Some AA modes, like DLSS and TAA, are better at dealing with those artefacts in an animation than others.

I can take a look at this scene (or a simplified version of it which still has aliasing) to figure out the best settings if you can share it via direct messaging.


Thank you Sam!
I have decided to use path-tracing after all in final renders, so this is not needed. Except if I ran to same problem with PT rendering. I let you know!

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