Tips on using nvvp over ssh? Its so slow ...

Any tips on using nvvp over ssh? Its so terribly slow (upload rate gets maxed to 64 KiB/s) …
nvvp ver. is 4.1, remote host is running CentOS 5.7 (final), local host is Debian testing.

If it is just you using the computer, I would look at NX, by NoMachine. It is a really effective compressor for X11 that also mitigates a lot of the round-trip latency in the protocol. I can XForward over marginal wifi connections with acceptable speed using NX.

Yes, NX is a good option. Another one is using VNC, which transfers just plain bitmap data and avoids all roundtrip issues. Whether VNC is a good choice for you very much depends on what your screen usually looks like - don’t use it with a desktop background image.

Well, being a cheapskate I don’t actually have a desktop background, plain grey all the way! I’m using openbox btw, I wonder if tinkering with some settings could actually help (perhaps filtering out the pointer events!?).

Thanks, I will ask the admins what they think about it, I’m just a guest right now so they might not be too happy installing things. In case I will just install nvvp locally (its only few hundreds megabyte anyhow :X) and just import the CSV profile.

If there are many users, they might not go for it. NX is only free for two users (or free for unlimited users if you fight your way through the mostly unmaintained free ports of the NX libraries, like FreeNX and NeatX).