TJA1050 can bus transceiver using on NX

I published a post about can yesterday.Finally,helping by engineer,I find out my SN65HVD230 transceiver is probably bad.When using TJA1050 can bus transceiver,cantest worked well.Because TJA1050 use 5V,I am afraid that TJA1050 will damage NX if I use TJA1050 can bus a long time.

It’s 3.3v pin on NX CAN port, not suggest to use 5v level.

That is to say,NX CAN port cannot endure 5v level,which probably damage IO port?Why is it seemed that anything about NX CAN works well now?

As said, it is 3.3v pin, do NOT use 5v voltage to it. Customer will be responsible for that.