TK1 and Apm Planner or Mission Planner for UAV Control

Hi, I was thinking of using a TK1 to fly a hobbyist rc plane (uav) which requires a ground control station like Mission Planner or APM Planner. That being said, there is an ubuntu version available but only in AMD64 or i386. Now, I know the Tk1 is ARM so does that mean all AMD or i386 software versions are off the table? Is there something I can run to make them compatible. I thought maybe Vine or Qemu but neither seemed to work. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

P.s. the download link for APM Planner can be found here to reference available software versions:

If you have the source code it can possibly be recompiled on Jetson. Some scripted languages like perl or python could run cross-platform, but this looks like compiled code from something like C or C++. Is uncompiled source available?

I think they are both open source. Mission Planner is C# and runs on Linux with Mono but I don’t know how heavy that would be on an ARM system.

APM Planner is C++, so that can be compiled for ARM:

Of course compiling it is a few steps more complicated than just installing the package with apt-get.

And about emulation. It’s always very slow compared to running it natively. Emulating SW on a (slower) ARM that is meant to be run on a (faster) PC is not typically going to work well.