TK1 and FlightGear Free Open Source Flight Simulator

Hello everyone,

I am back for a while, having been indisposed for some time with the Jetson TK1 in storage etc.

I have just managed to “resurrect” a working instance of the flight simulator that comes from

It works, although it is best run standalone at fullscreen will most of your services turned off. It tends to keep the system load up around 3.xx or right near that. This instance is known to play somewhat strangely with the power-saving methods of the ARM SoC and sometimes it’s just amazingly fast and at times it’s a bit lagged and stuttering. However, at all times, it looks just fantastically great, as you’d expect from the graphics system.

Two things I need to say here: first, this was something that I think I compiled almost by accident. Serendipity, as well as weeks of persistence, were all involved. Recent attempts to compile this anew, first with very recent versions and their associated dependencies, met with failure. Attempts to even reproduce the original compilation also failed. However, the resurrected system works. Base unit is Jetson TK1 with L4T at R21.3, Ubuntu 14.04 with all of the latest apt-get dist-upgrade files.

Second thing: this isn’t supposed to be possible, something to do with the basis dependency of “simgear” not compiling workably on ARMhf systems due to them using EGL rather than OpenGL. I seem to recall, but am not certain, that I was able to compile against the NVIDIA graphics libraries which may explain why this has such a pretty display. Yet it needs to be said that I am not at all sure how I did get this running, and trying to do it again failed. So, if you want to run FlightGear simulator on your Jetson TK1, possibly you will want a copy of these binaries, and I can point you to the source, but other than that, I am uncertain how the licensing would work. I’d like to share it, but don’t have the web site out there to host it. It is rather HUGE. All of the libraries and apps were purpose-built into the run directory, so it can be moved in and out as a system, you just need to add some environmental variables through the command line before invocation. Prerequisite packages could almost all be got onto your system with ‘apt-get build-dep libopenscenegraph-dev’ although you might want to see if there are more, by checking the build instructions at

Please let me know if you’re at all interested. I mentioned that it was HUGE even without the model and scenery data, which amount to some 11G (yes, eleven gigs) which you can download on your own.

Some specs for the rest, all told about 134M:

 du -h flightgear/bin

84M flightgear/bin

 du -h flightgear/lib

72K flightgear/lib/pkgconfig
13M flightgear/lib/osgPlugins-3.3.1
15M flightgear/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf
39M flightgear/lib

 du -h flightgear/include

172K flightgear/include/rti1516/RTI
176K flightgear/include/rti1516
352K flightgear/include/osgDB
168K flightgear/include/osgWidget
76K flightgear/include/OpenThreads
364K flightgear/include/osgUtil
76K flightgear/include/osgFX
68K flightgear/include/rti1516e/RTI/encoding
44K flightgear/include/rti1516e/RTI/time
288K flightgear/include/rti1516e/RTI
292K flightgear/include/rti1516e
132K flightgear/include/osgManipulator
140K flightgear/include/osgPresentation
2.0M flightgear/include/osg
20K flightgear/include/osgViewer/api/X11
24K flightgear/include/osgViewer/api
144K flightgear/include/osgViewer
240K flightgear/include/osgAnimation
80K flightgear/include/osgVolume
284K flightgear/include/osgParticle
200K flightgear/include/osgGA
96K flightgear/include/osgText
164K flightgear/include/osgSim
76K flightgear/include/osgTerrain
40K flightgear/include/simgear/timing
8.0K flightgear/include/simgear/serial
12K flightgear/include/simgear/magvar
60K flightgear/include/simgear/ephemeris
16K flightgear/include/simgear/bucket
32K flightgear/include/simgear/nasal/cppbind/detail
104K flightgear/include/simgear/nasal/cppbind
128K flightgear/include/simgear/nasal
24K flightgear/include/simgear/screen
80K flightgear/include/simgear/misc
96K flightgear/include/simgear/bvh
24K flightgear/include/simgear/package
20K flightgear/include/simgear/xml
24K flightgear/include/simgear/threads
132K flightgear/include/simgear/props
56K flightgear/include/simgear/sound
36K flightgear/include/simgear/canvas/ShivaVG
12K flightgear/include/simgear/canvas/events
8.0K flightgear/include/simgear/canvas/elements/detail
56K flightgear/include/simgear/canvas/elements
168K flightgear/include/simgear/canvas
20K flightgear/include/simgear/environment
116K flightgear/include/simgear/io
256K flightgear/include/simgear/math
8.0K flightgear/include/simgear/scene/tsync
96K flightgear/include/simgear/scene/material
104K flightgear/include/simgear/scene/tgdb
72K flightgear/include/simgear/scene/sky
128K flightgear/include/simgear/scene/util
136K flightgear/include/simgear/scene/model
548K flightgear/include/simgear/scene
16K flightgear/include/simgear/debug
168K flightgear/include/simgear/structure
2.0M flightgear/include/simgear
148K flightgear/include/osgShadow
7.2M flightgear/include
du -h flightgear/share
172K flightgear/share/OpenRTI/rti1516e
176K flightgear/share/OpenRTI
12K flightgear/share/TerraGear
36K flightgear/share/man/man1
40K flightgear/share/man
32K flightgear/share/locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES
36K flightgear/share/locale/ja
28K flightgear/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES
32K flightgear/share/locale/fr
24K flightgear/share/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES
28K flightgear/share/locale/nl
28K flightgear/share/locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES
32K flightgear/share/locale/pl
28K flightgear/share/locale/pt/LC_MESSAGES
32K flightgear/share/locale/pt
24K flightgear/share/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES
28K flightgear/share/locale/it
28K flightgear/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES
32K flightgear/share/locale/de
24K flightgear/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES
28K flightgear/share/locale/es
252K flightgear/share/locale
2.9M flightgear/share/flightgear
3.3M flightgear/share

Tested to work “certainly well enough for fun” with a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick and to display on a 32-inch HDMI TV via a spare DVD port.