TK1 ArrayFire Problem

I have tried to install ArrayFire on my Jetson board
Is ArrayFire free with TK1 ?

Mark Pei

Based on the quick googling it’s open source, so free. They even maintain and test Linux Tegra builds.

I guess you can just compile it from the github or register and download an binary installer. I’m assuming there is a binary installer for Jetson as have ongoing Tegra builds.

kulve, thanks your infomation

That is correct.
If you want to clone and build it on your own, the instructions are available here

To download binaries, simply register and download the Tegra K1 tar ball from and extract it to a suitable location.

hi all,
i was finished installer ArrayFire on TK1 ubuntu, it can run ArrayFire examples
But i can not include it libary

#include <arrayfire.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main(){
return 0;
error : #include <arrayfire.h> not found

How about it to do?

Basically you need to tell the compiler where to find the libs and the headers for your application and for all the dependencies.

I recommend that you take the Makefile here:

and the in the parent directory and modify them for your app.