TK1 Boot Loop after Flash

Hi, I am entering my first experimentation with the Jetson TK1. My TK1 is hooked up via HDMI to a monitor. It boots to the screen of scrolling text, fails, and then reboots at around 84%. I followed the tutorial in the Quick Start Guide verbatim, and the rest of the process went perfectly. I used the latest R21.8.

Here is the last message before the board restarts:

[84.099165] Exception stack(0xee28bec0 to 0xee28bf08)

What might be a good solution to this issue? I’m not really sure what’s going wrong. Thanks!

You would need to provide a full serial console boot log. I assume this is a dev kit and not a third party board, so this would be via the DB-9 connector to a serial terminal program on the host PC.

Understood. I have yet to get a serial to USB adapter to allow me to paste the log. I will do so as soon as I am able. Thanks!

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