TK1 Developer Kit Board Failure

Hello all,

The board in question boots when power is applied but then turns itself off after about one second. The external power supply is working correctly, however the backup capacitor C6D4 used by the AS3722 IC seems to discharge very quickly, or indeed, never charge sufficiently - I understand this prevents the AS3722 from activating/maintaining other supplies on the board. Strangely, discharging the capacitor fully and then connecting the external power supply affords me closer to four seconds of booting time before the board turns itself off. I am able to boot the board in Recovery Mode, but when I execute a command to re-flash the operating system, the board once again turns itself off, almost immediately.

  • Are there any known issues related to this IC or its drivers?
  • Do you have any suggestions for resolving the issue being experienced?
  • Is it probable that bits in the AS3722’s registers (such as auto_off, power_off_at_vsuplow, etc.) have been inadvertently overwritten or changed?

If any devices are connected to the Jetson via mini-PCIe, USB, or even HDMI, I’d try to boot without those devices. The goal is to see if removing all possible external power drains could be influencing the failure (HDMI uses i2c on EDID powered by the host so it might actually consume a tiny amount of power).

If the same power on/off behavior still exists, then I’d go straight to RMA. Look for “RMA” for RMA procedure near the top of this URL: