TK1 fails to boot all the way...flashing doesn't help?


I have a TK1 board here, and when I power it on, the usual scrolling text shows up, until it gets to " failed to load…"

and then it displays a couple more lines of text before shutting down.

If I try to reflash it using the L4T software, even with the new 23.2 update, the board shuts off right after flashing, right before it says “Searching for IP”

If I reboot the board to try and finish installing the rest of the software, it just plain doesn’t work.

Is this a dead board, or is there a way to fix this?

R23.2 is only for a Jetson TX!, and not compatible with a JTK1. Version R21.4 is the most recent JTK1 version. If you are using JetPack, I believe this contains both R23.2 for JTX1 and R21.4 for JTK1, so this might just be R21.4 despite it looking like R23.2. However, assuming JetPack, make sure you’ve checked only for flash of JTK1, not JTX1, nor for any other packages until it works right.

If you see some text, perhaps you could copy and paste some of it up until the failure for post here on the forum.