TK1 hardware MJPEG Decoder - High latency issue


I am facing high latency issue in hw mjpeg decoder in TK1 for streaming 720P video in 30 fps. I can see around 600ms second delay for each frame. But for the same case, i.e 720P video in 30FPS, without hw mjpeg decoder (getting frame as YUV) the latency is less than 150ms. Can anyone help me on this issue?

Hi Gopinath,
Shouldn’t we have this resolved in ?

Hi DaneLLL,

This is a different issue. Previously we have resolved the low FPS issue and achieved 30 FPS using NVIDIA HW-MJPEG decoder. The issue now is, I am able to achieve 30 FPS but there is a consistent lag/latency for around 400 to 600 ms for each frames in the camera live preview.

No worries. Now I have found out the reason for this issue. The problem is, the hw-mjepg decoder is taking little bit more time during initialisation and de-queue of buffer for the first time. During this time, I have queued more frames into it and there by introducing permanent lag/latency for the rest of the live streaming frames. Now I have added a frame skip logic during the initialisation time and resolved this latency issue.

Thank-you for your support.

Good to hear you resolve it and thanks for sharing information.