TK1 I2C1 Timeout. How to make I2C1 working?

Hi Dears,
Our project is using I2C1 work bq24192 battery charger chip on jetson tk1 board.
I couldn’t solved that problem. How can solve that problem ?
[ 2037.728550] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: — register dump for debugging ----
[ 2037.744323] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: I2C_CNFG - 0x2c00
[ 2037.751817] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: I2C_PACKET_TRANSFER_STATUS - 0xff0001
[ 2037.758918] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: I2C_FIFO_CONTROL - 0xe0
[ 2037.764716] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: I2C_FIFO_STATUS - 0x800040
[ 2037.771009] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: I2C_INT_MASK - 0xed
[ 2037.776568] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: I2C_INT_STATUS - 0x0
[ 2037.782190] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: msg->len - 1
[ 2037.787030] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: is_msg_write - 1
[ 2037.792455] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: next_msg->len - 1
[ 2037.797734] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: is_next_msg_write - 0
[ 2037.803429] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: buf_remaining - 1
[ 2037.808705] tegra-i2c tegra12-i2c.0: i2c transfer timed out, addr 0x006b, da

Hi, what’s the pull-up voltage of I2C1? Can the devices address on I2C1 be listed?

pull-up voltage 1.8. i2c address 7000c0000 slave addres 0x6b.

Could you try read the 0x4c to confirm the i2c bus is no problem. Then check your device is working normally.

My device is working normally.It’s maybe problem of configuration device tree.

How do you verify your device is working normally? Did you try i2c-tools to access your device?

I use i2c-tools and my board i2c bus is working’s maybe problem of device tree and driver module.Exactly, I don’t know that problem.

Hi There
Did you mean you can access bq24192 by i2c-tools from Tegra? The error message you post is trigger by what driver?

i can access bq24192 when no error message.But i can’t access when arrive that messsege

You you mean you access the device with failed rate. Sometimes can but sometimes can’t?


Can you measure the signal waveform and share to us here so as to confirm signals quality is ok?

YES okey