TK1 Jetson Real Time 3.10.24 Linux Kernel config help

I’m trying to build a Real Time kernel for the Jetson board as I need to use a realtime application for robotics. I took Nvidia’s tegra git repo and I found a K1 3.10 release that matches with an RT patch. So I checked out the tag, branched and applied the patch with a few failed diffs. I fixed the few failed diffs they were very easy. Then I took the jetsons’ .config that my Jetson running 3.10.24 had and placed it in the kernel folder. I did menuconfig and changed it to be RealTime under kernel features -> Preemption Model (Fully Preemptible Kernel (RT)), I also enabled spi in userspace.

The problem is that when I went to use make via cross compiling. It gives make errors during the build. I don’t quite know what is wrong but I suspect its something with my kernel’s .config. When I investigate the errors its usually because something is within a #ifdef block leading me to believe its mostly the config. I have played around with the config and every build gets cleaned before, yet the errors persist.

With all that in mind I was wondering if anybody is able to help me so our community can have a realtime kernel? I’ve uploaded the RT patched kernel to Github its at in the real-time-Tegra-K1 branch.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sorry about the second post the original gave a time out error so I refreshed the page thinking it didn’t send. If you want to help the original post is at