TK1 Serial Port issue on Higher baud rate (more than 900000 baud rate)

I’m trying to test the serial port (UART B and UART C controller in Tk1) with flow control enabled. Upto 500000 baud rate I can do file transfer using zmodem protocol. But the same doesn’t worked on higher baud rate (900000 or more).

Does anybody faces similar issue? Is there any workaround for this issue?

We want the serial port to be fully functional on 3000000 baud rate.

Thanks and Regards,
Jeslin Paul

I can’t answer the question, but I suspect if you are in the default 16450 mode, you will run into issues at a lower speed than if you run the 16550 mode. The other side of course is that it isn’t just the Jetson’s UART which might be the limit…you’d also have to verify it isn’t the remote end limiting speed. If you are not already in 16550 mode, I suggest trying that.

Hi Jeslin,

The speedo that TK1 UART supports is up to 12.75Mbps. If you take 8-bit 3,000,000 baud rate, that would be 24Mbps, right?

I don’t know if you had successfully set baud_rate to 3000000.I managed to set baud_rate to 4000000.
ps: I think 12.75Mbps means 12.75M bits per second.