TK1 Shipping & Delivery

Has anybody received their Jetson boards yet? Or shipping notifications?

No and no. Was just about to ask the same thing!

Six days left in April so there is still plenty of time. :)

My credit card was billed this morning so I think that means the TK1s are close to shipping. :)

Good to hear! Looking forward to see if my bid for a free unit was good, otherwise I will be buying one anyways.

I haven’t received either a tracking number or an actual shipment and today is May 1st.

I want my TK1!

Did someone already reported the shipment?

Looks like jonnycowboy got his already:

I wish, I’m still holding out for a free one ;)

That info was from here:


i ordered mine 3/25 , the day of release, and shiped 4/29, got it 4/30, expedited

I had also ordered on the day of release with standard shipping and just got mine delivered today (in time for the weekend, yay!).

I also did get an email with a Fedex tracking number. The boards are being shipped from Austin TX in case that helps.

I didn’t order until 3/31. No email yet!

It would be great if people posted their experiences and any pics in the forum.

Posting an image is easy with the [­img][­/img] tag.

I ordered on April 15th. No shipment notification yet.

I just got a ship notification email.

Apparently it ships from Houston via FedEx. It won’t arrive for a week. It appears I chose the non-expedited shipping.

I have mine, unfortunately it is all but unusable as it keels locking up. :(

Just received my tk1 board today May 13th, 2014. Ubuntu is up a running good. Bought the board to have a backup of files from a remote work HP server. Filezilla server on the tk1 is working via FTP between tk1 and hp server backup software over the internet. Also, been testing xbmc, movies, and light games. Also, installed some Android images with gparted using the sdcard slot onto an emmc chip, which worked great. Everything is working so far on the tk1. Only had the board a few hours.

What is the latest order date for those that have received their board?

I ordered, and was charged via Paypal, back on April 15th. It has now been 5 weeks. If they have stock to allow Micro-Center to sell at retail I do not understand why my board has not shipped.