TK1 system crash , no login UI appear ,when system login

reference TK1 EVM board to design[url][/url] my board.Now I can flash the rootfs into emmc.But system startup ,HDMI output log info , after roughly 10s, the HDMI output nothing, then wait for several times, still no the system login UI appear. test for 5 chips still not working.So ask for help. my ddr is Samsung K4B8G1646Q-MYKO 4GB ,1GB per chip, different from EVM board .ddr layout is not changed. CPU is differnt, too. CPU info is CD575M-A1. Ask for help!!!

Do we need a new ddr config file? Someone can config it for me .Thanks a lot!

Perhaps it is just video which is failing. Can you reach the system with ssh? Does serial console work?

A shmoo test needs to be done when change the memory, there is a memory characterize package in download center, you can follow its Appnote to run sanity shmoo and full shmoo, and then fill in the config file with optimized value. [url][/url]