TK1 Video Processing Capabilities


Not sure if this is right forum for this, but I just stumbled on the Jetson TK1 and wondering if it would capable of my project.

I would like input a 4kp30 video signal into the TK1 and encode (probably h.264) two low latency network streams (streamed within LAN). One stream would be the entire 4k image at low quality and the other stream would be cropped version (720p) at high quality. I’m looking for probably 100ms latency or less.

I know this is a tall order…would this board have the power to pull it off? What’s the best way to bring a video signal into the board? …hdmi or sdi options?

Thanks much for any input you guys might have!

Although currently it might not be completely ideal for the UHD dual-encode scenario you describe above, technically TK1 supports 4kp24 encode with H.264. Meanwhile, H.265 and full 4K support is coming down the pipe. If you got started today rest assured Jetson would be an ideal platform for this application.

In addition to the various cameras listed on the wiki (, Imperx makes an HD-SDI mini-PCIe mezzanine listed here:
Also, here’s a HDMI capture card:

Is it correct that these are tested and known working? If so I’ll add them to the Jetson Web Links sticky topic (video capture is a popular requirement).

Hi Kevin, How can you handle single 4k@30 input jetson?

Very interesting, thanks for the info…I’ll keep looking into it.

Currently the only way I’ve found is to use the 4k to usb3 adapter from inogeni…and so far I’ve not actually seen it work. I was hoping someone here might already brought 4k into this board. If were to use this board, I think I’ll probably end up using 1920p60.
FYI, This is the link we are talking about using hdmi to csi-2 bridge chip, which the hardware can handle 4k@30, but it seems no one make it work yet.