Tk1 VLC vs. Gstreamer

I’m trying to stream video from my TK1 to Mission Planner (ground control software for aircraft). Mission planner can only accept an MJPEG source. I was able to get it to work using VLC which steams my dev/video0 device over http and encapsulates as the MJEPG format but my problem is that VLC is sucking up 90% of the CPU (i tweaked the cpu to enable all cores - no change).

Also, Mission Planner can only accept the MJEPG over http it seems so i just point Mission Planner to the VLC (TK1) stream of and that works fine.

Again it’s really chopping up my CPU. One reason may simply be is that my camera is over USB but i’m only streaming at 800x600@30fps and the USB 3.0 bus should be more than able to handle that.

Is it more efficient to stream to an http destination as mjepg using gstreamer and if so can somebody help out with the command to do that? Thanks

Unfortunately I don’t think Jetson TK1 supports HW accelerated mjpeg encoding. Some USB cameras output MJPEG directly though. If you happen to have one of those, just make sure that you don’t scale it or decode to YUV and then back to MJPEG.

I think I fixed the problem by following the guides for maximizing cpu performance. I enabled all cores and maxed the frequencies - got the cpu utilization while steaming mjpeg from 87% to 50%.