TK1 will not boot into recovery mode

Hello all,

I have a TK1 and had Ubuntu 14.04 running flawlessly on it. Somehow the automatic updates kicked in and it updated me to 16.04. My Unity crashes on startup, I can ctrl+alt+F1 and access the command prompt, and I can ssh in over the network, so I know my board isn’t screwed up. However, I cannot boot the board into recovery mode to flash 14.04 back onto it. It will act like it is in recovery mode, IE no lights on the ethernet, and it shows up as APX on my windows machine, but I CANNOT get the VMs I run to recognize it via lsusb (Kali Linux, 16.04, 14.04, 14.10) or get my MacOs to recognize it as a device at all when I plug it in via micro USB.

I am at my wits end. Please help or give me some magic way to flash an OS over the network.



Quite often a VM does not handle USB correctly and has similar results. Sometimes VMs have some adjustment that can be made to the USB and it then works, but I’m unfamiliar with that. As painful as it sounds, your best bet is to try a flash from a non-VM.

I did consider doing that, I have a live boot disk that I can attempt that from, or I can just do an install if I have to. The biggest reason I didn’t see that as a solution was the fact that my Mac also did not see the machine. Is there any thing that a botched update might have broken that would prevent the hardware from talking through that micro USB? This is a brand new board.

If you hold the recovery button while powering up or resetting it should always reach recovery mode even if eMMC is wiped out. Having the wrong cable type on the micro-USB connector would cause a failure though. The supplied cable is micro-B…an adapter to type-A would not work. In all other cases where USB works a Linux system would see the recovery mode JTK1 via “lsusb -d -0955:7140”.

Non-Linux systems probably see a device on USB, but since there is no driver present for non-Linux systems, I do not know what the policy would be for displaying the device (meaning just because USB sees the raw device it does not mean applications viewing what is on USB would make the raw presence available for viewing…sometimes a system thinks that if a driver is not present then there is no need to tell you the device exists).

If you do use a live DVD type install be certain that the underlying file system type is a native Linux type. Other file system types do not support Linux permissions and will not make a valid rootfs image (the flash will work, but what gets flashed won’t be valid).

I will advise tonight after I do a hard install on my desktop. I am, by the way, using the supplied USB cable that Nvidia sent with this dev kit.

General conclusion to this issue was with the VMWare setup. Did a hard install and Ubuntu 14.04.5 recognized my recovery mode TK1 immediately. Reflashed down to 14.04 and all is happy now.

Thanks for the input Dev.