TK1 with two simultaneous SPI connections (Master + Slave)

Is this possible to set up two simultaneous SPI connections (Master + Slave) on TK1 board?
And what is the maximum supported speed of that connections?

Should be no problem for your use case. There’s should have some topics about the SPI slave/master mode to reference. You can check the spi-max-frequency in the device tree to know the max speed.

just to verify again - can we use spi interfaces as master and slave concurrently ?
we need to use one as master and one as slave simultaneously

what the maximum baud-rate the driver supports for master mode and for slave mode? (we couldn’t find this data anywhere)
(we aim to have receive in slave mode and send at master mode at 50MB/s,if impossible whats the maximum that can be achieved? )

Yes, config as you want.
The TRM have tell the speed. Master mode is 65Mbps slave mode is 45Mbps

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