Tlt-converter for CUDA 11.1 missing in TLT 3.0

In the TLT converter matrix
the following download link is broken:
11.1/8.0 7.2 cuda111-cudnn80-trt72

I hope someone from NVidia will pick up on this and fix this download - thanks!

Thanks for the catching! I am syncing with internal team.
Will update here if I have.

Internal team is stilling working on that.

For workaround, you can copy the tlt-converter inside the docker to your own folder.

$ docker run --runtime=nvidia -it -v yourfolder:/tmp/ /bin/bash
# which tlt-converter
# cp /opt/nvidia/tools/tlt-converter /tmp/

Thanks, found it. It would make sense for me to expose this in the new tlt CLI, eg.

tlt convert ...

Please use below command in your host PC.
Firstly, check the container ID, then copy its tlt-converter into your local folder.

$ docker ps

$ docker cp cf3ec0545257:/opt/nvidia/tools/tlt-converter .

@radim.tylecek is available now.