Tlt training not running inside the docker

His … My issue is … I have created a docker image for detectnet_v2 model on my GPU system. I am having my data and all related files on the GCP bucket. I am trying to run the docker such that it will create a directory inside the docker image and copy all the data/related files which are on the bucket inside that directory and start the training on my GPU system. I am sharing some screenshots which showed my dir structure:

  1. this is my bucket where I am having all the files and images inside the data dir.

  2. this is my Dockerfile

  3. for downloading/copying data from bucket I am using file which looks like below:
    in this $data_directory is the directory present on the bucket which contains all files and image&labels dataset.
    it should make a data folder (mkdir data /) inside the docker image and copy that files and image data to that folder using gustil command and then docker run will consume that data from the created data folder.

  4. while try to running the docker the error which i am facing is shown below:
    mainly it is not copying the data and files there.
    so not able to find the images and labels.

Any help will be really appreciable.

Please login the tlt official docker to run the tlt-dataset-convert.
I am afraid you will get the same error.

Then check why your image_2 is not available.

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hii @Morganh … able to solve the issue . thanks for your insights.