TLV320aic32x4 audio codec is not detecting for tx2i


Those errors are indicating that some routes are missing. However, I am not familiar enough with this codec to know if they are important or not and I cannot find any information about these inputs in the datasheet for the codec. Maybe TI would be able to tell you if that is required or not. However, it does appear that other people have problems with these as well. There is another thread where someone else was able to get this codec working here.

Please understand that we are not familiar with this specific codec and so we can only provide some guidance to get this working. Integrating audio codec with Linux does require knowledge of the audio codec and so this is not a trivial task and I see a lot of people struggle with this.

I recall that for this codec that are some additional routes that need to be added and so you can try adding the following …

nvidia,audio-routing =
                "z Headphone", "z LOL",
            	"z Headphone", "z LOR",
                "z Left DAC", "z Playback",
                "z Right DAC", "z Playback",
            	"z IN1_L", "z Mic",
            	"z IN1_R", "z Mic",
                "z Capture", "z Left ADC",
                "z Capture", "z Right ADC";

If this does not work, then please run the following script and attach the output.


set -e
set -u


if [ -f "${outfile}" ]; then
    rm "${outfile}"

alsactl store -f "${outfile}"

dapm_dirs=$(sudo find /sys/kernel/debug/asoc -type d -name dapm)

for dir in ${dapm_dirs}; do
    sudo find ${dir} -type f -exec echo {} \; -exec cat {} \; >> "${outfile}"

echo "Tegra audio debug info written to ${outfile}"

Please note that I am currenly out of the office on vacation and so response at this time is delayed.