To clarify Unused interfaces can be left non-connected

Based on DG v1.2 Chapter 22, carrier card can leave those unused interfaces un-connected. Need a bit clarification here: Give an example, if carrier board doesn’t use I2C interfaces at all. it leaves all five I2C pins unconnected. In this case:
1), Should all five I2C interfaces in Orin module be disabled in Pinmux spreadsheet to ensure they are truly unused?
2), Next question is: Can these I2C interfaces be physically disabled in Pinmux? Risk is, users don’t know what I2C devices are connected on the I2C busses inside the Orin module. If blindly disable all 5-I2C interfaces, some module internal I2C devices (if exist) may not work as expected.

But if don’t disable all I2C interfaces, it would end up with floating busses, because carrier card leaves these pins unconnected. I2C interfaces need external Pullups by industry standard, an FYI.

Just leave I2C unconnected if not used on carrier. There is pull-up on module.

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