Toggle USB3.0 power?


The problem I have run into is I cannot disable then re-enable power on my USB3.0 connected device.

I have code that connects to and uses a device on the USB3.0 line but I am not always using it. The default action of the TX1 is when the TX1 is powered the USB3.0 power is high. I know it has to be settable because when the TX1 is booting the power is low. Since the device is always powered I have a .75W drain on my system.

Can somebody please point me right direction so I can control the power to this pin?

Thank you for your help.

Hi CLomanno,
The driver file is at kernel\drivers\usb\host\xhci-tegra.c. Please refer to it.

For information of device tree, you can refer to [USB Lane Mapping] in [Downloads] → [Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide].