Too much delay between spi read operations

In our design, we use SPI of Jetson Nano board to connect a MCP2515. We find there is a lot of packet loss on CAN bus if configured in 500Kbps. And the MCP2515 reports rx buffer overflow.
If set the baud rate in 250Kbps, the symptom ease a lot.
But our CAN device requires 500Kbps.

So we captured the signal of spi cs, and found there is almost 100us delay between 3 sequent spi operations(spi_sync()). See the attached capture. the yellow line is spi cs signal.
would you like help check why there is 100us delay.

I had done below modification in kernel source. It only had a little improvement.
1.set tspi->polling_mode = true; in tegra_spi_parse_dt() in spi-tegra114.c
2.master->rt = 1; in tegra_spi_probe() in spi-tegra114.c

Could you boost the system to check if can help.
sudo nvpmodel -m 0
sudo jetson_clocks

Hi ysp123ysp,

Have you resolved the issue? Any result can be shared?

Thanks. It helps. But can’t resolved the issue. We see less congestion in MCP2515 rx buf after adding these two commands. We are working on collecting more information.

Could you have a check the J4.5 and below change help on your isuue.