Tool Chain -- Doubts

Hi All,

In document “Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide.pdf”, it is mentioned as
“Download the Linaro Aarch64 tool chain” for L4T, I could not understand that “Aarch64”
meaning. Is it represent the 64-bit processor architecture or something else.

Since Tegra K1 is 32-bit processor. Please help.

Tegra K1 is indeed 32-bit ARMv7.

If you saw Aarch64 (ARMv8a), you are looking at Tegra X1 documents, not Tegra K1 documents (sometimes both documents are available on the same web page). FYI, the latest release for JTK1 is R21.4, while the most recent JTX1 is R23.2. If you pick up a bundle of software with documentation, make sure you’ve only selected the R21.4.

Thanks for the info.