Tool chain for CUDA Query

Hi All,

I have recently started working with Quadro FX4600 Card. I have only installed
graphics driver which came with the CD-ROM, but also plan to use CUDA. Can
someone please tell me what all I need to install ?

The website says I should install :

  • CUDA driver
  • CUDA toolkit

Should I install all three ? Do I need any C compiler also ? If so, will Visual
Studio Express 2005 will do ?

Please let me know, it will be very useful for me to get started.


You have to install all of them. VS2005 works just fine, as far as I know, VS2008 is not supported yet or there are some issues.

Install driver first, toolkit next and SDK last. I’m not sure whether SDK is an absolute requirement, however, I believe that it is not easy to start without examples.

Hope this helps.

The SDK also contains some useful libraries so it might be a good idea to install it.

Yups, this was helpful. Thanks a lot !


I have a page that shows how to get started using CUDA:…rted-with-cuda/

I also have a page with some links to some CUDA tutorials:

Thanks a lot for this interesting links … I am sure they will be useful …