Tool for Labeling dataset LPRNET

Just sharing.


Thanks for the sharing!

Any specific reason for building a new tool for OCR text annotation? Any specific case studies which have been performed using this tool? How secure and scalable it would be if we use this on at least thousands of images, videos(10 min)

This 3rd-party tool is owned by @Levi_Pereira . I think it helps generate labels for OCR dataset. @Levi_Pereira may help comment more about it.

This project was designed to meet the annotation needs of the LPRNET dataset format.

I made some modifications to focus solely on annotating OCR data. This code does not perform any pre-processing; it is solely dedicated to data annotation.

Please note that this project is released under the MIT Free Software license, allowing you to modify and use it as you see fit.

It has been utilized to process thousands of single-line vehicle license plates. However, I’d like to mention that the version supporting the annotation of two-line vehicle license plates is not currently available on GitHub.