Tool for measuring data transfer io (MB/[s, min, hour]) on fs directories?

Is there a tool or terminal command for calculating data bandwidth for a directory (including sub directories) on a file system for a defined time frame?
( a (comparable) tool would be iostat for (block) storage devices and partitions, but that does not report bandwidth io for directories (and without knowing what directories were accessed, what amount of data read or written there’s no statistics about directory related io) )

edit: How about monitoring absolute/summarized amount of data io (already indexed database?) for a directory (and sub directories) for a defined time frame? Would that be easier (like low level du -s, but lower impact on system resources (with big tree depth and file numbers) for ~seconds time resolution)?

Maybe it’s no tool, but a proceeding method or a workaround (from command line or script), anyway thx for all input.

I don’t think different would have different performance if those directories on the same storage.

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