Tool to view Optimized TRT networks


I am wondering if a TensorRT tool exists to show the post-optimized structure of a TensorRT network.

After networks go through the building/optimizing process, it’s a bit of a mystery what actually comes out the other end. Does a tool exist that can read built models and display some helpful information?

For example, some data that would be helpful to know is (for each layer):

  • Name of layer
  • Type of layer
  • Input and output Sizes
  • Input and output data types

Unfortunately, we don’t have a visual tool (similar to tensorboard/netron) yet. We are always taking customer feedback and integrating them into future product releases.

Thanks for the response NVES.

Although there is no visual tool, is there a tool to get this information at all? I.e. via printf() in a C++ program?

I did a little digging and found that you can query the contents of networks an INetworkDefinition object using functions like:

nvinfer1::INetworkDefinition::getLayer(int index) const


However, when the INetworkDefinition object is passed to the buildCudaEngine function (below), all of the optimizations and changes to the network are not visible to the INetworkDefinition object.

nvinfer1::IBuilder::buildCudaEngine(nvinfer1::INetworkDefinition & network)

Is there a way to retrieve an INetworkDefinition object after the build process so it can be analyzed?