Toolchain for Jetson-TK1


  1. In order to compile a code that will run on the JETSON-TK1 I need a toolchain.
    I want to install and run this toolchain under CENTOS 5.5-32 using an x86 PC.

  2. Where can I download the Ubunto version for the JETSON TK1 ?

  3. Same question for the boot loader (uboot ?) for this board.

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I’d recommend just building code directly on the JTK1. However, cross-compilers compatible with this would be named similar to “arm-linux-gnueabihf”. I develop on Fedora and use Linaro tool chain. Look here for the most recent releases:

I’m not sure where the link is for download of the older 4.9 series.

I believe you can use that same compiler for u-boot, but most people would use the “arm-none-eabihf” compilers (note “none” replaces “linux” to imply bare metal). Documentation and downloads can be viewed here:

@linuxdev I didn’t know toolchains like “arm-none-eabihf” were available. Its possible to use floating point hardware when compiling for bare-metal? All I’ve seen are toolchains similar to “arm-none-eabi”, but not hf.

I couldn’t say for sure…the “none” would imply not Linux environment, the eabihf would mean hard float calling convention under 32-bit…how you get the floating point and what the environment expects I don’t know (that’s probably a topic of each specific compiler release). I see no reason why bare metal cannot use hardware floating point if the correct calls are made (you’ll probably be writing assembler).