Toolkit 2.0 for the Mac? Any updates in the pipeline?

Any word on when the Mac Toolkit will be updated?

I would also like to know - double precision would really come in handy in our MD simulations!

Add me to the list.

Waiting for 3D texture support…


You’re also going to have to wait for Mac-compatible GT200 card. The EFI used on Macs (instead of the usual PC BIOS) doesn’t work with normal PC video cards off the shelf.

Hi aaroneous, what kind of MD are you doing? I would like to use CUDA for sedimentations of particles simulations and the only example I found is the many body problems from CUDA SDK.

Any hints/ example code to make the simulations?


In our MPI parallel version we use a treecode to calculate the forces, something like that can be done with CUDA?