Toolkit packages for various distro versions

How is it determined that a toolkit package is for a certain distro version and another package for a different version?

Is it based on kernel version, other binaries/libraries inside the distro or a combination of all these?

I’m seeing for example that the libraries libcufft and libcudart are different between the toolkit packages for ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04.

I’m using ubuntu 9.04 but with 8.10’s kernel. Which one of these two toolkit packages should I use?


I think I am right in saying that the various toolkit versions differ only based on what versions (and naming conventions) of underlying libraries like glibc and tools like the compiler and linker are used to build them. The underlying kernel version shouldn’t have any bearing within reason (the kernel version specific material is supplied in the driver package). So if you have Ubuntu 9.04 with the standard Ubuntu 9.04 toolchain, then you should use the 9.04 release of the toolkit.

Each toolkit is built and then tested in the OS for which it is targeted.

Thanks, that seems reasonable.

Hm, that doesn’t help me much. nettlama do you agree with what avidday says above?


If you’re using ubuntu 9.04 but with 8.10’s kernel, then you’re in a gray area. The kernel that you’re using definitely can have an impact on overall stability. CUDA functionality isn’t tied to a kernel version though.