Tools to test split-lock on NVIDIA Orin


Currently, I have a Nvidia Jetson Orin Developer board which contains Cortex A78AE IP which has split-lock capabilities. I have managed to flash the board in both Lock and Split mode but was hoping to take this a step further by producing a fault in lock mode and see how the device reacts compared to it being in split or hybrid mode. I would also been keen in doing fault reaction so I run tests or alter the board’s behavior after a fault has been detected.

Do you provide any tooling so I can do this with my NVIDIA Orin ?

We don’t have tool for this and it would need other user to share experience. See if there is tool from ARM or 3rdparty for testing this function.

Okay thanks for the reply :). I am trying to use an ARM DSTREAM HW debugger connected to the JTAG port on the bottom of the device but getting an issue “Failed to power up ARMCS-DP”. Is there a way to check/ensure that debugging though JTAG is enabled?

I am using ARM DS IDE 2022.1 software. I noticed in hardware connections there are NVIDIA boards like the “Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit” but the orin is missing. Are you planning to add the board config to this database? Do I need any special config for JTAG debugging ?

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