Toon shader, is it possible in Omniverse Create?

I’ve looked through all the materials and utility nodes and I didn’t see anything that could make a toon shader, is this not possible using the MDL graph system?

Hi @malcolm341 ,

The closest I have find is to use the reshade under post processing, how to use custom reshade I have no idea. There are reshade avaliable if you have install machinima, there is a borderlands style reshade.

Thanks for your reply, that is super annoying they didn’t include toon outlines or shading. Unfortunately I’m looking for something really clean and high quality so reshade won’t work for me.

In MDL that should be doable with the measured_curve_factor() or maybe measured_factor() modifiers.

The measured_curve_factor() would need a color array with your toon shader colors in a sufficient resolution to produce the desired color bands with sharp enough separations depending on the angle between view and shading normal vectors.
That would modify the colors of any underlying BSDF, like a white diffuse_reflection_bsdf for starters.

Have a look at the MDL specs and MDL Handbook here to see how that is used:

Thanks for your suggestion, I took a look at the hand book, but unfortunately it’s over my head. I’m an artist used to combining graphs with existing utility nodes in the Maya hypershade or Unreal, the MDL format seems more engineering centric I was hoping to combine existing nodes to create the shader rather than writing the shader in a text editor which I have no experience doing.

It may be possible at a certain point. I managed to render this sequence of images in .PNG with the RTX Real Time Renderer:

And they can be used for post processing in After Effects:

Oh that’s cool, I’m looking for something fast without compositing. I gave the Arnold toon shader in Maya a try and it does what I want, but it’s so slow and the line quality is very noisy. The Octane render seems to do what I want, but it costs $700 so I was hoping Omniverse could be a free easy way to render toon, but I guess not.

Hi @malcolm341 !
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It would be indeed really nice to have something like this inside Create!

Seems a bit complicated, could it be done using nodes inside Material Graph?

Hi! Yeah that’s exactly what I’m looking for, but I’m looking for something that also renders fast. I found in Arnold they have this kind of toon shader, but the performance and the quality of the lines makes it tedious to use. I’m looking for something on the GPU that can toon shade, but also do the nice global illumination and AO. I generally find everything toon to be CPU, or if it’s GPU it only supports one light and is not ray-traced.

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