totally freezed, random black squares up side

totally hung, random black squares up side

I am suffering a total block of my system … it is ramdon … system is freezed and it shows a row with black squares with ramdon splits …

The problems is detected with 304.x and 310.x

Actually, attached report with,

nvidia gt 240
inux darkstar 3.6.6-1.fc17.i686.PAE

read this ( and attach the log, rename it as JPG

attached … rename as gz

thank you

Hi eskuai,

Do you still experience these issues with the new 310.19 driver?


  • Pierre-Loup


Yes, i still got the problem … how i can tell, the last days, during a hour, 2 or 3 manual shutdowns … insane … i can’t back to 302.17 because i am using kernel 3.6.7 and compilation fails …

310.19 breaks my system …

Please, check it out …