Totalview and CUDA Fortran

Before I bother the sysadmins on our cluster, I was wondering if you know if the latest Totalviews (8.9.x) which support CUDA debugging also support debugging of CUDA Fortran code? I’ve experienced utilities that sometimes do and sometimes don’t, so I thought I’d ask here first.


Hi Matt,

Sorry, no, not yet. It is something we are working on, though no clear time line for availability.

  • Mat

I’ve found this posting from HPCwire from last year:

So, is Totalview support now available for CUDA Fortran? If so, what versions are compatible? Thanks in advance.

Hi MuellerM,

I asked our contact at Totalview where they’re at on supporting CUDA Fortran. It sounds like they made a lot of progress but have a few issues left to resolve before they can claim full support.

Please feel free to contact Rogue Wave directly and they can give you more details.

Best Regards,