Touch Screen HELP


I am sorry as I might be reopening the topic.

I want to run QT GUI on 5 inch touch screen for my application.

I am not able to find any reliable touch screen module compatible with jetson tx1.

I have 5 inch resistive type touch-screen from wavehare:

Is there any trivial way to make the above mentioned touch screen to work with jetson tx1?

Very little time left for project completion and we are stuck with the touch screen issues.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Which L4T release are you using? Which part is failing…touch, video, or both?

If touch, what is “lsusb” output? Note that if you see your touch device it will have an ID field of the format “1234:4321”. You can limit to just that device with “-d 1234:4321”, and then go to most verbose:

sudo lsusb -d 1234:4321 -vvv

If video, install packages “read-edid” and “edid-decode”, then what is output for either:

sudo get-edid | parse-edid
sudo get-edid | edid-decode

I do not know of any particular screen known to work without setup. Perhaps someone who has a small touch screen which works can comment on their display.