TPR #19725 and Debugging with Application Command

Checking to see if there has been a fix for TPR #19725 identified in topic Debugging PVF from Mixed C#/FORTRAN solution (screen capture:

I’m trying to debug an EXE that is designated as the Startup Project (screen capture: that is called from another EXE that I am not debugging. When I put the path of the calling EXE as the Application Command, I get the following command window that locks up VS and I eventually kill the process. (screen capture:

Any clues out there?

The problem has not been fixed, and our resource limits force us to make
choices about what to fix and when. The PVF Fortran/C issue you reported
has been given a low priority to fix, relative to the other problems we
are correcting.

I think it will be some time before this is looked at.