Tracing Jetson TX1 with Lauterbach


I am trying to trace a Jetson tx1 with a Lauterbach debugger using the onchip trace buffer. The system is running a Linux4Tegra build with Yocto.
Using the scripts provided in l4t-documentation-24-2 I can debug the kernel and user space programs. But the scripts do not configure the onchip trace buffer, so I can´t trace a program.
Then I tried the scripts provided by Lauterbach. With them, I am able to trace a program, but only when I load it directly into RAM and execute it from there. If I try to trace the kernel I get a error message (Unlocking of debug registers failed) and the system freezes while booting.

Has anyone experience with tracing a Jetson TX1 board?

I never got the Trace32 to work. When I did get it to work any crash of the kernel also crashed the Trace32. There may have been advances since then in the Lauterbach scripts, but at the time they weren’t very interested in it. Finding out would cost thousands of dollars.