Track the specific point's location in Isaac Orbit

I am dealing with a long-shaped object for the robot manipulation RL task. And, I wish I could track the ends of the object coordinates during the training, is that possible? Like anchoring the points and tracking them during simulation.

Thank you.

You can put an extra xform on the end of the object and track that.

Thank you so much for the solution, may I know if we can do it programmatically?

Currently, I have difficulties finding the object ends using Python Script.

It will be really helpful if I can have a Python snippet.

Hello, May I know any update on this?

Here you have a python snippet called Get Size of a Mesh. I never used it but maybe it is helpful.

May I have the documentation of Xform?
Like how we create an Xform and how to track its location.

Hi @berternats - You can find more information here:
1. Isaac Sim Interface — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation.

Thank you. However, may I know if I can create an Xform and how to track its location in Python script?

Hi @berternats - I responded to your other post. Please check it.

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