Tracker deepstream sample app 2

hi all,
i have 2 questions:

First one easy: i’m unable to understand how to change the label text over boxes of recognized objects, by default i have (null) and a unique integer… Where i can set different text for traked objects?

Second one: is there any way to set traker not to work frame by frame?
let me explain: if the sample-app “loses” the object it is tracking even for one missing frame, the tracker is assigned a different id after it. is there a way to set a kind of tolerance that allows tracking of the same object even if in some frame it is not recognized? a concrete example: I would like to set that an object is no longer tracked if it is not recognized for 4-5 consecutive frames, is it possible to do such a thing?


First: you can pass your labelfile_path in pgie config file. See more in deepstream-test2 app.
Second: which tracker do you use? nvdcf tracker has maxShadowTrackingAge parameter. It is necessary for those cases when the tracker loses objects, then “shadow mode” occurs. See more in NvDCF Low-Level Tracker, deepstream-test2 app and tracker_config.yml

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