Tracker logging

Since the tracker libraries are not open-sourced, it would be extremely valuable if there was a logging mechanism allowing to save/inspect values used in object tracking calculations. Existing deepstream metadata provides limited details through NVDSObjectMeta and NvMOTTrackedObjList + dependants, but it is impossible for example to obtain any information about objects that are terminated before activation. As the output would significantly differ depending on tracking algorithm, I will only list out some possible outputs of NvDCF tracker, for each object in each frame:

  • status (temp, active, shadow)
  • boxes and confidences
  • state (location, velocity, age etc)
  • association with detector objects + values behind the calculation (iot, size, similarity, etc)
  • reasons for status change
  • reasons for status matching

There are at least 3 use cases for the above:

  • Debugging tracker behaviour and issues
  • Optimizing ranges for tuning parameters used in the tracker and their weights
  • Identifying objects missed by tracker, etc

I am happy to provide further input as to what might be useful

Thanks, we will check and evaluate internally.