tracking and unique id


I was able to run the nvgstiva-app on multiple videos with various classes on my Jetson TX2 as shown here:

I am now looking for ways to obtain a unique tracking id for each class that is recognized, i.e. if the class is ‘person’ in a given video, I’m looking for a way for my output to recognize each person as a separate entity and classify them as person1, person2, and so on.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Also, I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but the jetson(after flashing) already has nvgstiva-app_sources in it which is separate from the nvgstiva-app in the deepstream-plugins from github. Can you help me figure out what’s the deal with that?

Hi Rakhecha42:

Are you looking for a track in deepstream APP?

I think we have a config for enable track in config file.

Pls try with nvgstiva-app-gui.

wayne zhu

Is it possible to do it without using the gui app?

Hi Rakhecha,

Without GUI APP, we can’t display tracking ID related info on UI.
You need to add some probe function in metadata to check track ID value in nvgst-app.

wayne zhu