Tracking info

I wanted to know during shadow tracking age in tracker does it send data to downstream module?

Hey pls refer follow section in tracker plugin manual.

Once the tracker for an object is activated, it is put into inactive mode only when (1) no matching detector input is found during the data association, or (2) the tracker confidence falls below a threshold defined by minTrackerConfidence. The per-object tracker will be put into active mode again if a matching detector input is found. The length of period during which a per-object tracker is in inactive mode is called the shadow tracking age; if it reaches the threshold defined by maxShadowTrackingAge, the tracker is terminated. Even if an object is being tracked in inactive mode, if the tracker confidence value is higher than minTrackingConfidenceDuringInactive, then the tracker will put the output into the metadata. Note if the value of minTrackingConfidenceDuringInactive is set too low, then some lingering bounding boxes may be observed occasionally after the objects disappear from the scene. If the bounding box of an object being tracked goes partially out of the image frame and so its visibility falls below a predefined threshold defined by minVisibiilty4Tracking, the tracker is also terminated.