Training Course: Introduction to Isaac Sim - Streaming Client fails to connect

I’ve started this paid training. The notebook 00_getting_started requires to launch a headless instance in DLI server by running one of the cells and then using the Streaming Client in the Omniverse launcher on a windows / linux pc to connect to it. I’ve been trying for already one hour to connect to it with versions 103.1.0 and 103.1.1, restarting the client, restarting OV, restarting the laptop and I’ve even tried two different networks. Nothing!
I would appreciate any help that can stop me to keep wasting lab minutes.
Thanks in advance,

@samper-escudero i have to preface by saying i am not an expert on streaming client, but have you configured the firewall/port per this doc - Using Omniverse Streaming Client — streaming-client latest documentation ?

also, not sure this doc would help - Livestream Clients — isaacsim latest documentation