Training mobilenet v2 on windows then integrate jetson nano

Hi! We are trying to train our dataset on ssd mobilenet v2 model on jetson nano like dusty did on youtube. Aproxiametly each epoch takes 3-4 minutes. We will train the model with like 1000 epoch, it will be very long time. So how can i train on my windows pc and then integrate the model with jetson nano?

Hi @ahmet.cankarakus, you can attempt to install PyTorch for Windows from, however I have not tested this with the pytorch-ssd code. There are other dependencies such as Pandas that you would need to install for Windows as well.

I have used pytorch-ssd on an Ubuntu PC with NVIDIA GPU, and that worked well after installing CUDA/cuDNN/PyTorch and the dependencies in Ubuntu.

I think you may find diminishing returns for training it for that many epochs, typically you only need 100 epochs (or maybe 200) to get full convergence of the model.

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