Transcode Interlaced to Progressive

I am using NVDec -> NVEnc that is setup fairly similar to the nv_transcode example included in the SDK.

I have a requirement where several source files are interlaced and need to be transcoded to progressive. I do not see an option anywhere in the encoder API to force progressive output.

I saw NV_ENC_H264_PROFILE_PROGRESSIVE_HIGH_GUID which I thought might work but it seems to just freeze the whole process if I set that as the active H264 profile.

Does anyone know how to approach this issue?

For reference NV_ENC_H264_PROFILE_PROGRESSIVE_HIGH_GUID isn’t related to what I was trying to do at all.

The step I had overlooked was when initially initializing the encoder there is a progressive flag that must be set or the encoder will default to whatever the source format was if following from the example transcoder.