Transcoding RTMP stream with gst-launch


I have been trying to construct a pipeline to transcode RTMP streams using my TK1.

Unfortunately after many days I am still quite stuck and was hoping that someone on the forum perhaps has a pipeline they already constructed?

What I am wishing to do is videoconvert and audioconvert from 1080P to 720P and also SD with H-264 and AAC streams. There are occasions where the streams are MP3 so if the pipeline can automatically handle both of the audio formats that would be a major plus.

Does anyone have a gst-launch pipeline that you are using for this task? Once it’s working it also would be great to get this added to the TK1 manual where there are handy examples but this one is not present.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate anyone that can help!


You can find some video/audio information and pipeline example from below document.